Versatile Blogger Award


Hey guys,

I’ve just been nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much Mae Polzine for the nomination. Guys make sure you check out her blog it’s amazing!

Here’s how it works

This Award is more like a tag, to share the love and support your favorite bloggers. When you’re nominated you are supposed to thank and tag the person who tagged you, list 7 facts about yourself and tag your favorite bloggers.

7 facts about me!

1. I’ve recently gone back to working outside of my house. No more pjs and no makeup til nap time anymore.
2. I coach middle school cheerleading with my sister! And it’s so much fun!!!3. I would rather spend my nights at home with my cats than going out. 4. My favorite place to be is the beach.5. My little BFF says I spend too much money on makeup, I disagree.
6. I have one niece and 3 nephews and they’re my favorite tiny humans ever!
7. I also have a YouTube channel (check it out here ) Unless you are one of my cheerleaders then I don’t know what Youtube is or how to internet!

Those are seven facts about me! I’m so late on getting this post up but I am hoping to have figured out an actual Blog schedule.  Well I have one in mind I want to post on Mondays and the occasional Wednesday since I’ve been (trying to) upload on Fridays, but I am extremely unorganized.  Thanks reading I will talk to you very soon!


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