Product Review: VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask |Ad

Dark circles are the worse, right?  Seriously, No matter how amazing the rest of your makeup looks your dark circles will steal all of the attention.  Although, if I’m being honest I feel like more than anything dark circles will only draw your attention, possibly causing you to feel self-conscience.  I know I do.  You can always cake your face in makeup… but who wants to do that. Day and night creams can help, if you can remember to apply them every night.  I always forget.

Recently VII Code got in touch with me to try out their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles. I don’t always have dark circles, if I remember to drink a bunch of water the day before and go to sleep early I’m ok.  But I often struggle to go to sleep at a decent time and as hard as I try, I don’t like just drinking water.  So a lot of times I notice the big dark circles staring back at me in the morning as I am working to color correct them away.

What is it?

These are gel sheet masks meant to hydrate, brighten, and firm up the area under your eyes.  They’ve got a dry fabric back so you’re not going to get the gel stuck to your pillow or blankets, or worse your hair. I’ve combed putty out of a little girls hair once, it’s not easy.

How does it work?

To use these, after washing your face simply peel off the clear plastic and apply the jelly side under your eyes.  After 8 hours remove the mask. Ideally the best time to use these while you are sleeping.  Not that you have to be asleep, I mean I ‘ve got them on while writing this post now.  After 8 hours the grape seed oil, which is rich in vitamins, and fatty acids to prevent wrinkles, while removing free radicals to restore collagen  making area firmer.  Seaweed, also helps fight free radicals to restore hydration preventing signs of ageing. White Tea keeping the area well hydrated, to keep fine lines and wrinkles as bay.

Does it work?

Yes.  I started using these after the New Year.  I figured that after all of the stress from the holidays it would be the perfect way to at least make it appear that I’ve got it together.  With out the help of these masks I am sure that I would have zombie level dark circles. But I think I look very much alive, and I’m using less of my color correcting concealer. Which is good because it’s just about out and I’ve not gotten around to buying more.  Every time I apply the cold jelly masks, the anxious part of me that frequently has panic attacks notices how soothing they would be after an attack when my eyes are sore and puffy.

Would I recommend it to a friend?

Absolutely.  I would definitely recommend these to a friend, or anyone.  They work so well.  They don’t fall off in through out the night.  One did fall off once but I’m like a very restless sleeper and I tend to cover my face with a blanket.  They only thing that I didn’t like about these  was that they feel strange on my eyes.  But I think that’s just going to take some getting used to. It’s not bothering me nearly as much as right now as they did the first time I  put them on. You should definitely check them out on their social media sites Facebook twittter Instagram

*This post contains a paid for ad. It is still my honest opinion*