We have an easter tree

img_1678It was just after Valentines day, I was taking down the heart shaped decorations, when the girls asked me to keep it up.  My answer was “but valentines day is over.” To which they responded “It can be an Easter tree.” I’m a sucker for reasonable, polite requests.  Nine times out of ten if the kids ask me nicely for something, I will say yes. So now I kept the tree up.  But it will come down after Easter…

So I went off to the store and bought some plastic Easter eggs, and ribbons.  They had holes but the ribbon was too big so I had to use scissors to make them bigger so I can hang them on the tree.  I also had the kids put stickers on some of the eggs to decorate them. and on the top I put on some bunny ears.easter

My tree has been up for nearly 5 months now, I don’t think any one has gotten as much use out of a Christmas Tree as I have this year.

Does any one else have an Easter tree? leave it in the comments below, or send me a picture of it on Twitter or instagram