Weekly update March 20

Hey guys,

This week went great! Sharon came back from her week off. She had gotten her tonsils removed the week before. So this week she was sore and grumpy, but we had a more laid back kind of week.  There was a bit more TV time, and plenty of morning naps.  The snow came back Tuesday we got about a foot of it.  I am tired of the snow, I miss the sun and I want to go to the beach! Friday I went with Ashley and Taylor to see Beauty and the Beast.  It was amazing.  Probably the best movie I’d seen in along time.  I love that it kept the songs, from the original Disney cartoon.

I know better then to go to the movies on the first day it comes out.  I don’t normally go to the movie theaters.  I always feel very anxious in them, and can never sit through a whole movie with out getting up at least once.  I can’t sit through a movie, I don’t think I ever have.  That’s not true I did make it through the Fault in our Stars.  I think we saw that one on like a Sunday afternoon or something.

When my anxiety gets bad, I get real fidgety, and I can’t focus.  When we went to see Allegiant my anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t focus on the movie at all, and it was like I hadn’t seen the movie at all.  I don’t know why my brain just stops working properly. Though if my brain worked properly it wouldn’t have me convinced that I am not breathing when I know that I am.

Yea I literally forget how to breath when my anxiety gets bad.  I don’t hyperventilate  I just forget to breath.  It feels like I have a rubber band wrapped around my lungs and hurts to breath at all, but I catch my self just not breathing.  It’s weird, and I don’t understand it. How can you forget to do something that is supposed to be natural and automatic? I don’t know but I do…

How was your week and weekend?  Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet?