Words to live by.

Hey guys,
Who doesn’t like quotes. Weather I’m reading it in a book, hearing it in a song or movie, or even scrolling through which ever social media news feed, when ever a quote sticks out I like to write them down or save them somewhere. I had a very large collection of icons with quotes on my myspace page. Which I deleted and I’m kinda annoyed with myself for that. Anyway, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite quotes and put them on images to share with you guys. I’ve only just recently found this one when Sharon had me watching Alice in Wonderland. Most of achieving your goals, or anything really is your attitude going into it. Like trying something new if you don’t think you can do it, then you won’t.

Cinderella quotesBest. Advice. Ever. I mean really more people need to be reminded of this one.

This is one of the first quotes I’d ever seen and loved. It literally describes me so well. When I’m around a group or with someone I don’t know real well, being an introvert I don’t talk a lot. However when I get to know someone and become comfortable you will find that I never stop talking. Seriously non stop chatter.
I’m about 90% sure that I heard this watching the Gilmore Girls, and I definitely took it a bit too seriously. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told to stop talking and breath. Because more often than not especially when I’m excited and hyper allofmywordsruntogether and I’m not gonna lie it’s kind of annoying.
I like this one because when you’re having a bad day it’s easy to find more things that are bad about it. This quote is a good reminder to look for the good in less than good moments. I truly believe that there is good in everything. Which I’ve been told means I am naive and living in a bubble, and+ that’s ok because I am perfectly happy living in my bubble.

I hope you enjoyed these, which one is your favorite.