You need to update your skin care routine.

I’ve changed my skin care routine and your going to be shocked!! Ok maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But I am loving this routine. It’s so easy too.

Why skin care is important.

So we all know that we need to wash our face. But do we know why? Poor skin care can lead to early signs of aging and while sure at 18 it’s fun to look older it’s not so much fun at 30. Bacteria from our hands can also linger inside pores causing breakouts. As some one who has always struggled with breakouts I try to make sure I always wash my face. Makeup is much easier to apply when you skin is clearer.

My routine.

Now obviously every one has their own routine but this has been mine lately. So I wash the rest with a Norwex Face cloth and warm water. This removes any makeup dirt oil and bacteria from my skin. After that I apply L’Oréal Lash Serum Solution to my upper and lower lash line. Then to help clear out any lingering toxins I spray VIIcode’s oxygen hydrating eye spray under my eyes and gently pat it in. After that’s finished I apply just a tiny amount of Formula 10.0.6 PM Perfector.

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I don’t use masks everyday. Some of my favorites are from Formula 10.0.6 as you all know. But I’ve been using these oxygen eye mask from VIICode and they’re awesome. I just stick them onto clean dry skin and then go to sleep. Going to sleep isn’t necessary the brand recommends wearing the masks in the evening before you go to bed for 6-8 hours but you can wear them 2-4 hours if you feel uncomfortable sleeping with them on. For best results, the brand recommends 3 treatments per week and 3 boxes for a full course treatment

Like I said everyone has their own routine and skin care favorites. so please share with me yours in the comments below.

Before you go this blog post was sponsored by VII Code. Any compensation I received was to try out and share with you my own honest opinion.

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